French Go-to-Market (GTM) Analysis

Let’s make your go-to-market strategy for the French market a success

Are you looking to localize and adapt your marketing strategy to the French market? We have the experience and the know-how you need.
Adopt the top best practices in IT B2B marketing and improve your local marketing performance!

We analyze your current GTM strategy to produce an action plan that will make a difference in France

Whatever your marketing challenges, we’ve probably already addressed them with other software companies, IT consulting firms, or IT solution providers. But every company is unique, and to address them properly, it’s important to take into account several factors, such as your market positioning, the specifics of your buyer persona, your competitors, and so on.

We can help you improve the performance of your marketing strategy, starting with a French market analysis based on a tried-and-tested methodology. We’ll define the right action plan for your digital strategy (target market, KPIs, campaigns and so on) keeping in mind the following three key challenges:

Staying relevant and delivering unique messaging

Your marketing campaigns need to leave a lasting impression in your customers’ and prospects’ minds. It’s important to ensure that your messages and the visuals you use are original enough and that they bring real added value to your target audience.

Activating the right channels
to reach your target audience

Your product positioning and messaging need to be consistently delivered at all interaction points with your ideal customer profile (ICP). By analyzing what makes your buyer persona unique, we identify the content you need to create and the right marketing channels to exploit it: SEO, SEA, social media, Social Ads, email, media and press, and so on.

Activer les bons canaux marketing pour améliorer votre visibilité

Finding the right action plan
for you

To succeed, you need to take into account your marketing maturity and where your competitors stand in the French market. Your acquisition and conversion strategy must continuously improve, as must your tools, processes, and campaigns.

Définir la bonne stratégie et le bon plan d’action

Our proven methodology
for your French go-to-market strategy

We go the extra mile to understand your products and services, analyze your internal company vision and compare it with what your prospects and customers perceive. They are influenced by the marketing campaigns and sales actions of your competitors and they’ll be prone to compare you with them. We then use our marketing experience with software publishers, IT consultancy firms, and IT services providers to define together the best way to meet all your marketing and business needs.

1. Internal business analysis: your vision and goals

This first phase allows us to analyze your existing marketing and sales infrastructure, as well as your product offering, the perception users have of your website, compliance with UX and conversion best practices, your organic SEO positioning, and the quality of your product messaging. We then identify the elements that bring the most value to the table and the first areas for improvement.

2. Examination of the market’s perceived value

We compare the internal business analysis above with the French target market, by conducting market research into your competitors and their marketing mix. We then interview customers and prospects you’ve lost. This enables us to define your buyer personas and establish the relevant sales pitch to address their issues. Next, we turn findings and analyses into marketing and business opportunities to be exploited.

3. Summary of results, marketing plan, and actionable insights

Building on our evaluation of the internal and external findings, we utilize our own experience and current marketing best practices to deliver actionable insights and together produce a marketing roadmap that flawlessly matches your goals (campaigns by channel, content strategy, use of supporting tools…). This gives you a clear picture of the right marketing path and the first quick-win actions to initiate.

4. Launch of action plan and first campaigns

This last phase is tailor-made for your organization and allows you to communicate the results of the go-to-market analysis and the action plan that we will implement together. Usually, your marketing and sales teams, as well as senior management, will attend this meeting. At Magnetic Way, marketing advisors remain involved in operational activities, so you will benefit from the best marketing resources and expertise in the long run, as if they were an extension of your team.

Don’t wait any longer to improve your marketing performance in France

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