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Grow conversions and step up your lead acquisition strategy with highly relevant PPC ads

Accelerate your traffic and lead acquisition strategy. Quickly reach key French-speaking decision-makers and influencers among your prospects and clients with a relevant SEA and highly targeted Social Ads strategy tailored to your offerings for the French market.

SEA and Social Ads agency for IT and tech

Key elements for a successful
SEA and social ad strategy

Impiementing sponsored SEA campaigns on Google, Bing. and Social Ads (Linkedin Ads. Twitter Ads, or even Meta Ads for Facebook and Instagram) allows software publishers, TI consulting companies, and any 82B tech business to quickly become visible to the eyes of clients, prospects, and even job applicants..

However, the challenge lies in setting up campaigns and ensuring their long-term performance by addressing three key success factors. We can help you maximize ad performance thanks to our B2B tech specialization and our exceptional proficiency in every advertising platform. Magnetic Way is a certified Google Ads agency. We manage significant advertising budgets for our clients and have a wealth of experience and tips to share.

How we help your
SEA and ad strategy
succeed in France

Implementing a SEA and Social Ads strategy is crucial to maximize visibility and support your lead generation strategy. Our SEA expertise, Google Ads certification, proficiency in Bing Ads, and in-depth understanding of advertising platforms such as LinkedIn Ads, Twitter Ads, and Meta Ads (Facebook and Instagram) help us carry out our audit and define a strategy to frame and optimize your campaign performance.

Moreover, our B2B specialization in tech and IT allows you to benefit from the standard best practices in the industry.

An audit to frame
your SEA strategy

The initial audit allows us to align your goals with key drivers and opportunities to reach your target audience. Together, we’ll define the keyword strategy based on search intent, and we’ll analyze sponsored campaigns run by your competitors, refining the budget as per the objectives set.

The audit also addresses all necessary topics before diving into campaign building: value proposition and differentiation strategies to exploit, ideas for impactful ad copy, conversion mechanisms (resources, demo requests, freemium trials and similar aspects), and the choice of SEA channels and social media platforms.

Initial campaign

Following the audit, we can handle the setup and initial configuration of your advertising accounts or optimize pre-existing accounts. We then proceed to create original and impactful ads, headlines, and visuals. We can also create relevant content (videos, conversion documents, etc.) to point your ads to.

We also work on the entire conversion chain, ensuring that your landing pages are optimized following best practices in terms of titles, key selling points, and value propositions, social proof elements (client testimonials and references), form fields to collect prospect data, automated nurturing campaigns, and so on.

Monitoring, reporting,
and continuous improvement

Once the campaigns have been built, we continue to provide ongoing support, monitoring, and optimization so that your ads, bids, targeting audience, keywords, and content continue to perform effectively. We schedule regular meetings to share reports and consistently deliver actionable recommendations based on our understanding of search algorithm updates.

We constantly monitor SEA and Social Ads, and we keep up with the latest B2B trends in the tech industry. This allows us to regularly suggest new ideas for campaigns with a Test & Learn mindset and an ROI-focused approach.

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