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Agence optimisation SEO de site web pour éditeurs de logiciels et ESN

Technical SEO
and site structure

Technical SEO is an essential part of any SEO strategy since it helps robots analyze your website’s pages and decide which elements to take into account. Your website must fully follow Google’s technical recommendations (secure site via HTTPS, mobile-first approach, etc.), meet performance requirements (page loading speed and so on), and promote quality indexing (well-organized sitemap, internal linking, and deep page management).

La technique et la structure du site web

Content and semantics

Content is the most important element in today’s ranking criteria. The topic of the post or page must fully match the user’s search intent. Your content strategy must therefore be based on choosing relevant keywords, and on providing a number of published pages and blog posts that include relevant Hn tagging or markups (6 HTML tags including H1, H2, H3, etc.), semantic clusters, and more.

Le balisage et la richesse sémantique des contenus

Link building and popularity
(off-page SEO)

The number of websites that link to yours helps determine how popular your domain is and establishes your “credibility” regarding the subjects you cover. These websites must talk about the same topics and belong to an industry closely related to yours. This is to boost your EAT score (Expertise, Authoritativeness, Trustworthiness), Google’s three criteria for determining your website relevance.

Le netlinking et l’optimisation off-site

UX and social media

Google increasingly takes into account user experience (UX) on websites as a ranking element. It will favor websites with high visitor engagement (time spent on site, low bounce rate…). Rich, well-designed websites with pages that encourage users to keep browsing are rewarded with better rankings. The reputation of content shared on social media is also now taken into account.

L’impact de l’UX et des réseaux sociaux sur l’engagement

Our methodology
to help your SEO strategy succeed

SEO is an important pillar in any acquisition strategy. It can ensure a steady flow of traffic and leads at a reduced cost in the mid to long term. Thanks to our expertise in each of the key aspects of SEO, we can support you through every step of the process: from preparing an initial audit (technical, semantic, and off-page SEO) right through to the ongoing optimization of your website’s ranking.

More and more software publishers, digital service companies, and IT consultancy firms are focusing their efforts on SEO, as a reliable source of lead generation. Making the right choices from the outset and establishing a solid presence and reputation in the eyes of Google can ensure long-term success for your business.

The audit and analysis you need
to define your SEO strategy

Our complete SEO audit covers all the necessary SEO components, from technical verification (website structure, errors, compliance with best practices, and so on) and the analysis of existing traffic and user behavior, to content performance and SEO optimization potential. We go the extra mile by performing a competitive benchmark, analyzing external links, and defining a qualified keyword strategy that matches the search intent of your ideal customer profile (ICP).
This audit gives you a global view of all the website issues to be resolved and enables you to draw up a prioritized action plan. Our B2B IT know-how will help you position your business and challenge your competitors.

Ongoing SEO support
(content and link building)

After the audit, we can provide you with regular support for SEO optimization, tracking the evolution of keyword positions, setting up regular meetings to oversee the progress, and sharing reporting to enable you to act when needed. We’ll continuously provide you with the right recommendations in line with algorithm evolutions.
Benefit from regular expert advice will help you prioritize keywords and topics in your editorial calendar (pages, blog posts, semantic clusters…). Our specialization in B2B IT and the mastered use of the latest AI technologies will help us guide you through writing SEO-optimized content and improving your link-building profile by publishing IT and B2B-oriented links.

Advanced SEO support
(monitoring and benchmarking)

Finally, for those wishing to make the SEO channel their primary source of traffic and lead generation, we can help you set up a more ambitious SEO strategy. We regularly monitor Google updates to identify potential impacts on your website. We also track the SEO actions of your main competitors on an ongoing basis so that you can react to them and stay on top of the game.

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