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Key elements every
efficient marketing automation strategy needs

Generating qualified leads through multi-channel demand generation and growth marketing campaigns is a major challenge for B2B software companies, digital service companies and IT consultancy firms. It starts with building an environment that fosters growth, in terms of campaign organization, data governance (processes, roles, KPIs, etc), and the implementation of appropriate tools.

Marketing automation strategies and lead nurturing scenarios will constantly feed your marketing funnel so that it becomes a lead-generation channel that enables you to reach your business goals. There are three key elements to this:

A database of relevant marketing contacts

The first challenge is to create and grow your own database of prospects, customers, and partners. It should be constantly being enriched so that you’re always in a position to trigger campaigns and obtain results. Your database also needs to be properly segmented so you can easily identify prospects (industries they are in, their company size, their roles and so on) and customers (which of your solutions and services are they using, which version of your software have they deployed and the like). Data quality is just as important as quantity. And while it is a complex area, collecting and exploiting data is now more important than ever.

A database of relevant marketing contacts

A well-designed strategy

Whichever marketing automation solution you choose (Hubspot, Pardot, etc. or even historic email platforms like Mailchimp), only a well-thought-out strategy and clear objectives will lead you to success. It is therefore essential to think beforehand about the automated campaigns you want to set up, and the lead qualification processes in place that will feed your marketing funnel. Another factor to take into account is the process alignment between sales and marketing teams. Choosing the right CRM for you will mean identifying which of the market solutions best matches your marketing maturity and current situation.

A well-designed strategy

Integrating a marketing CRM and aligning sales and marketing teams

It is essential to take a holistic approach to sales and marketing from the outset. Marketing automation strategies must be tailored to the long sales cycles typical of the B2B IT industry, and should make it easier for your sales team to follow up on MQL and SQL leads. Thinking about the segmentation of your database means you can identify the impact on your teams and the actions to be taken (notifications, fields to be synchronized with the sales CRM, dynamic segments linked to campaigns, etc.). The aim is to increase the number of qualified leads passed on to sales reps, as well as their conversion rate.

Integrating a marketing CRM and aligning sales and marketing teams

Magnetic Way is an expert partner
in marketing automation and works with market-leading CRMs

At Magnetic Way, we have the right expertise to craft customized nurturing processes that will help you effectively qualify your leads. Leveraging our proficiency with leading marketing automation software such as HubSpot, Pardot, Marketo, and ActiveCampaign, we ensure prospect engagement and optimize the performance of your campaigns.

Whether you’re aiming to streamline workflows, nurture prospects, or drive conversions, our team has the skills and tools to help you get there.

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Leading Marketing Automation Softwares

Our know-how
to help your marketing automation
strategy succeed

Our experience in implementing marketing automation strategies for the B2B IT industry enables us to support you throughout your project, from defining your target vision and rapidly enriching your prospect contact base, to choosing the ideal solution and implementing lead nurturing workflows..

Advice on marketing
automation strategies

We can provide you with feedback regarding your existing tools and processes, so that together we can define the best strategy in line with your objectives. We analyze your current marketing and lead processing systems, and any Martech & Salestech tools you are using.

Based on our experience, we’ll work with you to draw up the right roadmap, prioritizing the actions you need to take and the tools you need to either upgrade or install, and sharing the right advice to help you reach the necessary milestones as quickly as possible.

Enriching your
contact database

Our expertise and our partnerships with B2B prospect list service providers helps us accelerate the creation and enrichment of your database of qualified marketing contacts.

We can also make use of scraping tools to create micro-targeted lists, or collaborate with sales teams to launch ABM (Account Based Marketing) campaigns to strengthen your ability to target your key accounts.

Designing lead
nurturing scenarios

Marketing automation tools alone aren’t enough. We’ll support you in creating your B2B buyer journey, in structuring your data, and in tracking behavior, to define different types of lead qualification and nurturing flows.

You’ll send the right message, to the right contact, at the right time, and ultimately improve the quality of MQLs sent to sales reps.

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