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Leave a lasting impression on your French-speaking prospects by leveraging a highly relevant local content strategy, coupled with well-managed multichannel distribution. This approach will provide you with a real competitive advantage in the French market.

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Key elements
for a successful content strategy

Software publishers, IT consulting firms, and every IT company in the B2B space all grapple with the issue of content saturation. Despite the competitive environment, content creation remains essential to increase brand awareness, visibility, traffic acquisition, conversion, and lead generation.

It is equally crucial not to succumb to the common pitfall of hastily creating marketing content lacking depth and interest. Only a premium content strategy offering real added value to readers based on the following three elements can succeed.

A content strategy that aligns with your business goals

A successful content strategy helps you establish lasting credibility, but it requires thorough analysis and organization. An IT expert may not necessarily excel as a writer, and translating expertise on complex subjects is not always straightforward. The combination of IT know-how, writing skills, and design proficiency is essential to create high-quality content that truly makes an impact.

The substance, style, and method used for your content pieces also vary depending on your goals: attracting more traffic to your website, converting visitors, fueling lead nurturing scenarios, creating social media posts, etc.

Stratégie éditoriale pour la création de contenus

Utilizing best practices: storytelling, copywriting, SEO, and AI

To create compelling content, all available best practices must be leveraged. This starts with storytelling techniques to evoke emotions from your audience and copywriting techniques to increase engagement by prompting the reader to take the desired action (provide an email, request a demo, etc.).

SEO best practices will help you ensure your website is well-ranked in search engines. And, of course, the latest generative AI technologies can help you save time at certain stages. However, you must keep in mind that only high-quality content can convince and strengthen your credibility as a solution or service provider.

Best practices for content creation

Diversified Content and Well-Controlled Multichannel Distribution

Ideally, each piece of content should be adapted in various formats (excerpt, quote, infographics, etc.). Knowing how to reuse and diversify content formats in line with the distribution channels you are using is essential. Regularly updating your content is also crucial.

This will help you maximize the visibility of produced content and thereby improve the results of your multichannel campaigns. Properly leveraging marketing content is just as important as creating it.

Editorial strategy for content creation

Our expertise in creating
compelling content
to Attract your French audience

Our specialization in B2B IT marketing and the hundreds of content pieces we’ve created for software publishers and IT consulting firms throughout the years allows us to support and guide you, starting from the definition of your content strategy through to the process of writing articles, ebooks, customer testimonials, and more. Our team has hundreds of tips to share with you.

Content strategy: framing and organizing content creation

We can assist you in framing and organizing content creation during an editorial strategy workshop. Together, we define the rules of communication, tone of voice, formats, and target audience. This lays the foundation for your editorial line, ensuring content consistency.

Next, we work on selecting alongside you expert and industry-relevant topics, planning content around them using a collaborative editorial calendar. This helps structure the approach, determine which experts to interview, and organize the regular production of quality content to use in your multichannel marketing campaigns.

Our copywriting

Our thorough understanding of the IT and software industry allows us to actively contribute to operational content production, aiding in attracting and converting your prospects. We rely on proven methodologies to accurately convey your expertise, ensure that the formatting highlights the message, and provide advice on all related topics, such as how to build high-converting landing pages, adapting content for different distribution channels, etc.

We can write any type of content, adhering to best practices: expert interviews, blog articles, SEO semantic clusters, lead magnets, ebooks, whitepapers, studies, customer testimonials, product sheets, brochures, and more.

Design of original visuals for web and print

We can help you create original graphic design resources, including infographics, diagrams, static or animated product mockups, illustrations, corporate or product brochures, PowerPoint templates, internal guideline documents, greeting cards, and more.

We also design for printing purposes, handling all technical specifications, both for standard documents (brochures, guides), trade shows (roll-ups, booths, giveaways), and high-end designs for any special occasion.

All original designs are developed in line with your visual identity guidelines. We also carefully analyze the underlying messages to ensure the design naturally reinforces your expertise and value proposition.

Video production
(filming and motion design)

We have our own video studio to shoot films and produce videos to showcase your brand. We can also shoot at business events, or create clips of your employees and experts to foster employer branding. We also create video materials for customer testimonials and more. Alternatively, we have an expert motion design team to help you present your solutions and illustrate your messages.

Our B2B IT specialization adds extra value as we guide you through every step, from preparing the storyboard to advising on key messages to be included in your video materials.

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