Our team of marketing experts and the agency’s DNA

Not your regular marketing agency, but rather a team of experts in B2B marketing for the IT industry

We bring together all the knowledge and experience needed to meet the marketing, business, and branding challenges facing software companies and IT consultancy firms.

Notre équipe d’experts du marketing B2B

Since 2016, we have been offering a mixed approach to marketing consultancy, blending it with the operational benefits of a digital agency

Magnetic Way was born from the wish to build a fully specialized marketing agency for software publishers and IT consultancy firms. The goal is to offer them a 360º customer experience by providing not only the marketing advice they need, but also putting those ideas into action.

We only hire highly experienced marketing professionals specializing in the B2B IT industry. They have the answers and the know-how you need, and they are passionate about building a long-term successful partnership that works for you. The most important thing for us is to create value from what we do for our customers.

We support our customers across the entire marketing value chain. Our initial advice phase will help you design the high-performance marketing strategy you need, and build a strong brand identity along the way. We’ll then help you implement tailored organic and paid multi-channel campaigns, constantly sharing our digital marketing skills and best practices with you so we can grow together.

Our 4 key values

Customer-centric DNA

Building long-term relationships with our customers based on quality and trust has always been our top priority.
That’s why we only recruit highly experienced profiles in B2B IT marketing. We have our own approach to the customer-agency relationship. We know the professionals we meet in pre-sales are also the ones we support afterward. At Magnetic Way, the expert who will guide you through pre-sales is also the person who will lead and manage projects with you once the contract is signed. That’s why 85% of our customers renew their contracts every year, a number that shows our customer satisfaction level.

Trust and transparency

Our primary values are trust and transparency. At Magnetic Way we listen to what everyone has to say, and we talk to each other with the utmost transparency. This is an essential pillar to successful remote working. It also encourages autonomy and responsibility, which are essential in a remote team.

Internal agility and responsiveness

Dealing with unforeseen circumstances and emergencies is a part of everyday life, especially in a marketing agency. We know how to adapt our schedule according to requests and unexpected situations.

Innovation and continuous improvement

A company’s success is underpinned by its ability to evolve. Therefore, we like to foster an entrepreneurial culture based on encouraging all ideas for innovation. We seek to continuously improve the skills of each individual, together with our processes.

Meet our team of expert B2B IT marketers


Magnetic Way has experts in all areas of B2B IT marketing and communications.

specializing in B2B IT

It’s our industry know-how, proven methodologies, and transparency with our customers that have driven our success since 2016.

retention rate

Most of our customers have renewed their contracts every year since 2016, which shows our customer-first mindset.

Our dedicated team for international customers


Alexis is a consulting manager and key contact for our international and English-speaking customers. His 10 years of marketing experience have convinced him that a winning strategy needs to be tailor-made and based on real data. He supports our customers in implementing customized roadmaps in response to their specific challenges.


Helena is an IT marketing consultant. Born and raised in Spain, she has over 8 years of experience in digital marketing, the last 6 with international B2B software publishers, mainly SaaS vendors in the AI field. She supports our English-speaking customers in the operational implementation of their marketing strategies.

Our team of expert marketers


Hervé is the founder and CEO of Magnetic Way. His sales and marketing experience within software companies and IT consultancy firms made him realize the importance of working with a marketing agency that understood the IT industry. Failing to find an agency that met the requirements, he decided to build one. He knows how to push every member of the team to give their best and instill the agency’s vision into every project.


Damien is a consulting manager and partner. After more than 10 years working for B2B software publishers, he knows that we don’t sell software, we sell benefits, and he knows how to understand your challenges and translate them into an action plan with value-added content.


Mary is our art and web director and partner. Together with the graphic design & web team, she creates original and unique graphic universes for our customers. Her knowledge of the IT industry and her ability to conceptualize complex ideas into simple, striking graphics are two of her strengths.


Estelle is our Traffic & Customer Success Manager. She supports our customers with their paid acquisition campaigns on Google or Bing, and B2B social networks like Linkedin. She then oversees lead nurturing scenarios for marketing automation. With 15 years of experience in IT marketing, she knows how to help you gain visibility and attract leads.


Frédéric is our IT expert editorial consultant. A journalist specializing in IT and B2B with over 20 years of experience, he put away his press card to help our customers define their editorial strategy and write expert, high-quality content that passes on the right information.


Charlène is an IT marketing consultant. With over 7 years of marketing experience working with B2B software publishers and IT professionals, she supports our customers daily in deploying their marketing strategy and improving their performance.


Marie is a graphic and web designer who loves typography, beautiful gradients and graphic patterns. Her key strength? Her mastery of color use. Her favorite challenge? Building simple mockups that make even the most complex ideas understandable.


Gwendoline is a consulting manager. With 14 years of experience in lead generation and marketing automation with a B2B SaaS vendor, she now helps our customers implement customized, high-performance multi-channel marketing strategies.



Thomas is a web and graphic design consultant with over 10 years of experience in creating and adapting corporate identity guidelines to create meaningful UX interfaces. With a keen eye for detail, he mixes creativity and technical expertise to bring your digital projects to life.


Céline is our Office Manager. She is in charge of the agency’s administrative and HR processes.


A Magnetic Way partner, Sébastien is our video Maestro. Always up to date with the latest trends from YouTubers and bloggers, he’s bursting with new ideas to create dynamic, original videos that showcase your solutions, and customer or employee testimonials for your brand.


Nicolas, a Magnetic Way partner, is our technical SEO expert. By closely following the evolution of search engines and new SEO trends, he brings his SEO expertise to our team to cover the latest and most cutting-edge developments in SEO.

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