March 19th, 2024
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5 tips to create great content in an era where Google search results are getting worse

SEO and the decrease in Google search results quality

As you can imagine, news around SEO and organic search is something we, at Magnetic Way, take a particular interest in. Recently, a study seemed to show Google’s search engine is giving more and more visibility to low-quality results. This is the kind of news we like to keep an eye on. In a blog post published by Courrier International on 22nd January, some of these highlights were shared. “We’re witnessing a deterioration in the quality of search engines, as they seem to lose the battle against content that has been optimized for them.”  This was part of a study led by German universities and published during the 46th European Conference on Information Retrieval.

The war on ranking and optimization

You know as well as we do that the goal for every site out there is to appear first in search engines’ result pages. Hence, the everlasting war for optimization. Yet, forover a year, researchers analyzed 7,392 search queriesand the results were appalling. “The higher-ranking pages are better optimized; they include more links… And, overall, the content is of lower quality (…). Organic search is a double-edged sword: on one side, it helps people find highly relevant pages; and, on the other, it is an efficient tool to bring low-quality results higher on search rankings. To counteract this bias and prevent low-quality results from appearing in first positions, Google (and other search engines) adjust their algorithms regularly. The search giant acknowledges the situation in their latest March 2024 Core Update, confirming their goal of reducing “useless” and “low-quality” content in SERP to improve search result quality. This update should reduce unoriginal and low-quality content by 40%.

But Google isn’t responsible for its results getting worse, is it?

This Google update will continue to make headlines, and we’ll be able to better analyze its impact and see the big picture with time.

However, marketing teams need to be alert to any Google algorithm change, even though, whatever happens, quality content will remain so. Quality is not dependent on Google, but on your effort, and by extension, ours.

Remember what Bill Gates already said back in 1996: “Content is king”. The IT billionaire predicted that quality content would be essential to SEO and that only companies investing in producing added-value content would succeed. Back then, this statement didn’t mean that much, but today, in 2024, Bill must be thinking “I told you so”.

Our tips to make great content that is useful and ranks well

At Magnetic Way, we always keep in mind the difference between the means and the goal. In marketing, we need to attract leads, not only Google search robots. Therefore, quality is non-negotiable when it comes to content.  Whether you need to produce blog posts, infographics, podcasts or webinars, it is the message in your content that will catch the audience’s attention and foster engagement with your brand. High-quality, relevant content will naturally increase conversion across channels, while simultaneously building trust with your leads.

Here are our 5 key tips to build a successful SEO strategy:

1. Identify relevant search intent and queries:

  • Analyze user queries and identify relevant keywords.
  • Understand the needs of your buyer persona and your website visitors for each one of the queries.
  • Create content that answers to these needs and expectations

2. Build unique and high-quality content:

  • Focus on useful information that can’t be found elsewhere and it’s well structured.
  • Pay attention to writing style and layout so your content is easy and friendly to consume.
  • Bring added value to the table to stand out in front of your competition.

3. Optimize content for rankings:

  • Use keywords naturally within your text.
  • Don’t forget to tag your content with H titles and add meta titles and descriptions.
  • Optimize content structure (titles, paragraphs, bullet points, etc.).
  • Remember to link content internally and to other relevant sites to improve navigation and website authority.

4. Foster creativity and innovation:

  • Design original content formats (videos, infographics, case studies, etc.).
  • Choose a unique tone of voice and personal approach to stand out (your editorial line).
  • Interact with your audience and encourage them to share and comment.

5. Monitor performance and analyze results:

  • Use analytical tools to measure traffic, conversions, and engagement.
  • Identify strengths and weaknesses in your content so you can improve on it.
  • Adapt your SEO strategy according to collected data.

As you can see, the success of marketing strategies mixing SEO and quality content lies in the balance between the two elements. Understanding user intent and offering an awe-inspiring informational experience is key. So is optimizing SEO to increase content visibility and audience reach. This is all it takes to make Google (and its search engines) happy!

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Frédéric Boutier With over 20 years of experience as a journalist specializing in B2B and the IT industry, I help MW's customers build a content production and editorial calendar to stand out among competitors.
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